L-Bracket™ Newel Kit #505-NT

All the same heavy-duty components that are included in our #505 L-Bracket™ Newel Post Fastener kit, but without the trim. Order this kit for larger box newels or custom sized newels. Then, order as many 2’ trim kits #506 as you need to complete the installation.

Many professionals have found a multitude of uses within the construction industry. As an example, one of our customers uses these kits exclusively to install upper cabinets to the ceiling. They then use our #506 trim in long lengths as a crown molding to conceal the brackets and they finish the trim off with quarter-round against the ceiling for a perfect look. The uses are endless…almost anywhere that you need a rock-solid connection between two members, and one of the members abuts the other, these kits can be used to make a super strong connection that you can rely on.